The Imaginal brand

was created when life partners, Jessica and Da'vid, started a collaborative effort to share quality products they loved for personal use with friends, family, and community. Their life mission is to create positive social impact by empowering people through education and awareness, and by providing socio-economic opportunities to promote an Imaginal mindset. They seek to promote a healthy and productive lifestyle by sharing research and clinical studies about plant-derived cannabinoids such as CBD to start the dialogue for creating an Imaginal Life.

  • Co-Founder of Imaginal, Jessica has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. She has helped with many start-ups, including for-profit and not for profit ventures. She loves helping others find their fullest potential. As a practicing attorney, she advocates for persons living with disabilities and their loved ones to help create equal access and prevent discrimination. She also advocates for consumer protection and works with human trafficking survivors to help rebuild their lives. She is the Board Secretary for the Center for Independent Living Broward, a nonprofit aimed at helping people with disabilities. Jessica is a current volunteer and member of the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition.

  • Co-Founder, Da'vid, is an entrepreneur at heart. In his professional capacity, he is a consultant who helps clients in the medical, legal, and real estate sector. He is passionate about people and health. In his spare time, he enjoys working in the music industry, helping talent find their way through the industry machine. He is a life-long student who continually seeks to learn and share information with others that can help them create a healthy, productive, and meaningful life.

  • He graduated with a degree in Media Studies and a focus in Business law from Pennsylvania State University. During the 2008 economic collapse while everyone was exiting the financial markets, he worked with a quantitative fund that finished the year up in profits and capital investments. Navigating those times and the lessons he learned contributed towards his imaginal mindset. He is a published contributing author in Katie Morgan's "Trials and Triumphs" (1st Edition 2000), which covers collegiate athletes, including his experience as a linebacker for the 1996 University of Florida Gators BCS National Championship Football team. He is an advocate for cannabis education and reform because of his own life experiences.

Why did you start Imaginal?

We believe to have a full life, one must have an Imaginal mindset. Life inevitably intersects with health, community, entrepreneurship, and socio-economic issues.

Our foundational philosophy comes from the miracle of the imaginal cell that transforms the caterpillar into a butterfly. We hope the products and content shared with you help you create an #ImaginalLife. Every day is a new day and a chance to transform your life into a life of meaning, purpose, peace, and joy. What you put into your body, mind, and soul will affect who you are and how you live your life. We believe that nature contains the nutrition and medicine we need to be healthy and well. Our imaginal products further our mission to make everything better. #makingeverthingbetter.

Life is not meant to be lived alone. We hope you will become a part of the #ImaginalCommunity and benefit from the content provided by our team and other community members.

We want to create a community where people can connect, learn, grow, and obtain products that help make their lives better, both physically and emotionally. We also want to create products that promote a healthy lifestyle to empower people to live the #ImaginalLife.