The Imaginal Process — How We Create Awesome CBD Products

The Imaginal Process — How We Create Awesome CBD Products

At Imaginal Biotech, we believe quality comes first. 

That is why we prioritize each step of the product creation process to ensure we provide customers with the most effective and enriching CBD products.

Every stage contributes to our high-quality products and sets us apart from other brands.

Here is a look at our 7-step CBD product creation process so you can enjoy the benefits of one of the most popular non-psychotropic cannabinoids in the US without fear. 

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Imaginal’s 7-Step CBD Product Creation Process

Step 1: Sourcing High-Quality Ingredients

The first step to creating high-quality products involves sourcing ingredients. And when it comes to that, we are committed to sourcing only premium-grade ingredients grown in the USA for our products.

We also take the utmost care in ensuring that the hemp strains we use are grown with leading-edge farming practices and stringent controls, guaranteeing quality and potency that surpasses other brands. 

Our hemp strains have high CBD content and low THC levels, and contain an array of beneficial cannabinoids, making them the most effective choice for consumers. 

Step 2: Raw Hemp Processing

Once we have sourced the highest-grade hemp strains, we take the next step of processing them into a state that is suitable for extraction.

In this step, we grind the already dried and warehoused hemp plants into a coarse powder.

This allows us to preserve the quality of the hemp while ensuring that our extraction process is as efficient and effective as possible.

Step 3: Proprietary Extraction

Our extraction process is the cornerstone of how we create highly effective CBD products. We use a proprietary method that involves supercritical CO2 extraction.

The process begins with placing the ground hemp powder into a closed-loop chamber.

The chamber is then pressurized with supercritical CO2, which allows us to extract the oils from the plant while preserving the cannabinoid content.

The CO2 extraction process we use is not only safe and efficient, but it also yields a superior product with enhanced flavor compared to other brands that rely on ethanol or butane extraction methods.

Melody J., a distillery and brewery specialist, writes in her LinkedIn post,

“CO2 extraction is arguably the best extraction method for CBD oil ….. Basically, not only is CO2 extraction cleaner because it uses no chemical solvents, it actually can draw more cannabinoids and their abilities out of the hemp plant overall.”

This process also ensures that our products retain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds found in hemp.

Step 4: Separation

After the extraction process, we are left with a liquid that contains both CO2 and the hemp oils.

To separate the oil from carbon dioxide, the liquid is pumped into a final chamber where pressure is reduced, causing the gas to evaporate.

This leaves us with a pure, contamination-free hemp oil that can be used for further processing and refinement.

The separated CO2 is then recycled and reused in future extraction and distillation processes.

Step 5: THC Removal & Refining

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the main compounds found in cannabis plants, and it is responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. This compound can also be found in CBD products, albeit in small amounts.

At Imaginal Biotech, we are committed to producing products with almost zero percent THC (although we also have full-spectrum THC-containing products like elderberries). That is why we take extra time and care in this step of the process.

We use our proprietary technology to refine hemp oil and remove any unwanted compounds such as THC, wax, chlorophyll, and plant pigments, resulting in a pure product.

By doing so, we can rest assured that our products will cause no legal or social trouble to our customers. 

Step 6: Nanoemulsion Technology

One of the best parts about our water-soluble products is that they are easy to absorb and highly bioavailable.

To achieve this, we pass CBD oil through a process called nanoemulsion. In this step, we use ultrasonic waves to break down the oil particles into microscopic sizes (at least 4x smaller than their original size). 

This allows us to create products that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing quicker and more potent CBD effects.

Step 7: Third-Party Lab Testing

Our process does not end at the manufacturing stage. To ensure that our products are way above average, we send them for rigorous third-party lab tests to guarantee their quality and potency.

We test our products for potency, purity, and contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides. If a product fails to meet these standards, it will not be released. 

We also make all of our test results publicly available (find them here) so you can rest assured you’re using safe and effective CBD products.

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Bad Practices to Look Out For

So that was our 7-step process for making awesome CBD products. But since CBD is an unregulated industry, there are also a few bad practices that you should be aware of so you can avoid low-quality products. 

Here are the 5 of the most glaring ones:

  1. Low-quality hemp: Some companies opt for hemp that has been grown using synthetic fertilizers and growth regulators. This leads to an inferior product that may be contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants.
  2. Undisclosed ingredients: Some companies try to cut corners by not disclosing what their products contain. Be sure to check the labels and verify that all ingredients are listed on the label.
  3. Mislabeling: Many companies mislabel their products, claiming they contain more or less CBD than they actually do. This is not only misleading but can be dangerous for your health.
  4. False medical claims: Some fraudulent companies also make unfounded medical claims about their products. For example, you may find brands claiming their CBD products can be used to treat, cure, or prevent diseases such as cancer, stroke, or diabetes without any scientific basis or FDA's approval.
  5. No third-party lab results: A company that doesn’t provide third-party lab results means that it doesn't trust an independent institution to verify their product quality, purity, and potency. 

Try Imaginal CBD Products Today!

At Imaginal Biotech, we take the time and care to create highly safe and efficient CBD products. 

Our commitment to producing the best possible products begins with sourcing superior ingredients and using proprietary technology to extract hemp oil. 

This is followed by a carefully designed manufacturing process that guarantees quality and precision at every step. 

With our attention to detail and dedication to excellence, we are proud of what we make and stand behind the quality of our products. 

Try one for yourself today and experience the Imaginal difference!

(This article has been written by Dr. Eilaf Meenai, MBBS)

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