Say goodbye to anxiety with

Imaginal Apple and
Strawberry Vegan Gummies

Our breakthrough CBD formula targets anxiety at the source, giving you fast-acting and long-lasting anxiety relief without the negative side effects commonly caused by other medication. No pills, no chemicals, just peace.

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Why should you use the Imaginal Vegan Gummies?

Don't miss out on this fantastic product.

The Imaginal Vegan Gummies

We developed the Imaginal vegan gummies to help people live anxiety-free lives. Anxiety takes the joy out of life, and we want to BRING THE JOY BACK.

We’ve lived with anxiety, and we know how bad it can be. It stopped us from trying new things, meeting new people, and being happy. It sucked.

Anxiety stopped us from living our best lives, and we don’t want it to stop you.  

That’s why we developed the Imaginal Vegan Gummies. To help you say goodbye to anxiety and live a happier, better life.

The Imaginal Vegan Gummies helps you deal with anxiety caused by

Anyone can use the Imaginal Vegan Gummies. Don’t let anxiety bring you down or keep you from living your best life. You can use the Imaginal Vegan Gummies to manage anxiety from:

Stress at work

Public speaking

Stress at school

Stage fright

Financial stress

Medical conditions

Awkward social interactions

Don't miss out on this fantastic product.

The Imaginal CBD Vegan Gummies

Get 25% off with code NFDA25 

What makes the Imaginal Vegan Gummies Better?

Say goodbye to anxiety and find inner peace using the Imaginal CBD vegan gummies.

Using the Imaginal Vegan Gummies is easy. Simply open the lid, take a gummy, pop it in your mouth, and say goodbye to anxiety.

10mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD

We only use the best broad-spectrum CBD when making our vegan gummies. Broad-spectrum means that it contains lots of compounds like CBG and CBN, that work together with CBD to target anxiety at the source.

Fast absorption

The CBD in the Imaginal Vegan Gummies is rapidly absorbed into your body, which allows you to feel calmer sooner.


The Imaginal Vegan Gummies come in two delicious flavors, strawberry-lemonade, and green apple.

Vegan and Kosher

At Imaginal, we want to be as inclusive as possible, that’s why we made sure that our gummies were vegan and kosher.

Made using organic ingredients

We made the Imaginal Vegan Gummies using organic ingredients to give you a product that's pesticide-free and good for your health.

They work

Don't just take our word for it, here's what Mary had to say after using the Imaginal Vegan Gummies.

What people say about us?

Here are some reviews from the people who have purchased Imaginal Vegan Gummies.

The science behind the Imaginal Vegan Gummies

The reason why Imaginal Vegan Gummies work is simple; science.

When you take the Imaginal Vegan Gummies, the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. From there, it interacts with your endocannabinoid system, which in turn reduces the anxiety you’re experiencing.

The endocannabinoid system is a unique system in your body that’s responsible for maintaining a stable internal state, homeostasis.

Don't miss out on this fantastic product.

The Imaginal Vegan Gummies

Get 25% off with code NFDA25