Say goodbye to chronic pain with

The Imaginal Salve Stick

Our breakthrough, natural formulation gives you fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief in seconds with no chemicals, drugs, or side effects

Why should you use the Imaginal Salve Stick?

Your massage on the go

The Imaginal Salve Stick

We developed the Imaginal Salve Stick to help people live free of pain and discomfort. We want you to have happier, better lives.

We made the salve stick using a unique blend of pain-relieving ingredients that target the pain at the source. The salve stick delivers the pain-relieving ingredients directly into your skin to give you immediate relief.

Say goodbye to aches and pains, and hello to a healthier, better you.

The Imaginal Salve Stick offers targeted relief from

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Arthritic pain

Knee Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sports injuries

Workout relief

Say goodbye to chronic pain with

The Imaginal Salve Stick

Reduce pain & inflammation in minutes with the Imaginal Salve Stick

Simply remove the top, rub the salve stick into the aching area, and experience near-instant pain relief.

Reduces inflammation

To ensure you get maximum pain relief, the Imaginal Salve Stick targets the root cause of pain, inflammation. The salve stick uses organic Jojoba oil to give you relief from inflammation.

Unscented and Non-Greasy

The Imaginal Salve Stick is unscented and non-greasy, so you don’t have to worry about it making a mess or having a weird scent. You can just focus on getting immediate pain relief.

250 mg of plant-based, pain-relieving ingredients

We used a wide range of beneficial, plant-based compounds to make the Imaginal Salve Stick. These compounds work together to fight inflammation and pain at the source.

Easy to carry

You can take the Salve Stick anywhere you go and use it as often as you need. Don’t leave the house without Imaginal Salve Stick.

The Science Behind Imaginal Salve Sticks: A Groundbreaking Method to Reduce Pain & Live a Happier Healthier Life

The most effective way to fight pain is by dealing with it at the source, by fighting inflammation. When applied to the skin, the Imaginal Salve Stick delivers our unique formulation to the areas in pain. The compounds in the salve stick then work with your body’s natural systems to address the source of the pain giving you relief fast.

Where Can You Use the Imaginal Salve Stick?

The Imaginal Salve Stick can be applied almost anywhere on the body where you are experiencing pain.





Upper back

Lower back



Say goodbye to chronic pain with

The Imaginal Salve Stick

Who can use the Imaginal Salve Stick?

Don’t let pain and inflammation stop you from doing what you love. The Imaginal Salve Stick can help you recover faster after a workout or tough chores around the house and ease sore muscles and joints.

The Imaginal Salve Stick is perfect for anyone dealing with constant pain and inflammation, especially those who want a more natural alternative to pain pills.

When can you use the Imaginal Salve Stick?

You can easily tuck the Imaginal Salve Stick in your pocket, purse or bag and use it when you are:

What are you waiting for?

Say goodbye to chronic pain with

The Imaginal Salve Stick